Episode 16

Uncle Daddy explains his Interstellar experience camping without a cellphone! The Brain kind of goes off on not being able to see stars! Look out for WOW talk to! 



Episode 14

Some random talk of presidents and the link between there DNA as well as some more documentary talk! Lots of fun!!

Episode 13

Uncle Daddy and the Brain bump heads with religion! Shotts and DJ Piff sit back and watch the war! Even more on Documentaries! 

              DJ Piff

              DJ Piff

Episode 12

The Brain and Uncle Daddy plays with Shotts emotions! Earthquakes to the sun, even life changing  Documentary's!

Episode 11

Discussion on some awesome topics! We discuss the Mandela Effect, Black Night Satellite and Fracking for Natural Gas. Let’s get some!

             DJ Piff

             DJ Piff

Episode 10

The Brain is out taking care of little brain while Shotts and Uncle Daddy have a little podcast party conversation! Lets see where it goes!

              DJ Piff

              DJ Piff

Episode 9

We love some pyramids and dreams. Getting going with Bigfoot! Let's get this started!

Special thanks to DJ Piff for the outro music, keep it coming! 


Episode 8

Give it up for DJ Piff, he is so good at giving us an outro ! We discuss everything around Memorial Day to Tulpas! We even discuss some opinions on medication the commercials promoting them! Check it out!

DJ Piff

DJ Piff

Episode 7


Episode 5

The Shotts, Uncle Daddy and the Brain discuss everything from swastikas to underground research facilities and even artificial intelligence . It's insane, check it out!

Episode 4

The Boys are a man down so we invite DJ Piff for a one on one conversation as we learn about Melbourne music, Tornadoes, Target restrooms, and Mexican pottery.. Listen to It!

Episode 3

We are getting it down, we make our predictions on UFC 197 and discuss Conor McGreggors tweet about retiring. The Brain talks about some crazy stuff and a place called Skin Walker Ranch, cattle mutilations, strange sounds at night and Millitary guys! All and all a damn good night.